The story

my Honey Boutique is bee honey created by bees in a honey house with colorful hives

Beekeeping is our family tradition, dating back to 1978

We keep the bees and obtain my Honey Boutique’s honey with great patience, affection and dedication.

Our colorful beehives, in which bees create honey, are situated at the skirts of the Rila mountain, among crystal clear air and wild growing plants.

We chose bio-production because the area where our bees live is extremely clean. There is no conventional agriculture, no pesticides, no factories, no highways …

We obtain small quantities of honey of extremely high quality.

We extract honey by centrifuges, but we also have small amounts of drained honey, as well as honey in honeycombs.



Each batch of my Honey Boutique’ honey is subjected to analysis in an accredited laboratory proving its high quality.

For our bees and honey, we take care and keep track of all occurring processes and changes, in order to be sure that you will feel the purest taste of the nature in every product.