The process

We harvest small quantities of honey of extremely high quality

We process the pure bee honey, as the bees create it, as follows……….

We open the honeycombs manually with a bee uncapping knife.
We extract the honey from them with centrifugal extractor, made of stainless steel.
As a result of the centrifugal force, the honey comes out of the cells and flows down the walls at the bottom of the centrifuge.
Under the centrifuge tap is placed a double strainer, through which are removed coarse impurities, such as wax particles, bees, larvae and others.
my Honey Boutique’ honey
is not heated up
and is not filtered

We believe that the purest honey should have natural pollen in it, highlighting the floral nature of the area around the hive. That’s why my Honey Boutique only gently moves the honey from the honeycomb in the jar, ensuring that natural pollen and unique taste are preserved.

We store our honey only in glass jars

Our honey is packed at a lower temperature compared to most productions to maintain beneficial enzymes and antioxidants that make honey a real superfood.